A 2024 Hopeful You Should Get To Know: Michael Oxford A Candidate for The California State Senate

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You may remember hearing about Michael Oxford, a former tradesman fired for not wearing a mask in February.

Oxford said he was fired in an affluent neighborhood in San Francisco for refusing to wear a mask on a work site. He appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss the incident with his lawyer.

The good news is that Michael Oxford is now running for California State Senate in District 17.

Oxford says he is a “free speech absolutist” and firmly believes the Second Amendment was implemented to defend the First. He is also anti-war but is adamant about adopting the idea that “It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.”

How does a candidate like Michael Oxford plan on addressing the significant issues in his district, let alone the state of California, by deploying tactics that work?

Per, Oxford2024.com

• Fentanyl dealers should be arrested, charged, and deported if they are here illegally.
• No more sanctuary state policies of any kind.
• Illegal immigrants must be deported upon all arrest.
• All social services for illegal immigrants must be immediately halted.
• Open air drugs you should not be tolerated, and people incapacitated on drugs publicly should be arrested and given a 30 day mandatory detox.
• We need to defund the non-governmental organizations bleeding us dry, and find a way to bring back California sanitariums.
• Biological boys should not be competing against biological girls.
• Parents rights should always supersede the Authority of the state in regards to their children.
• Express written consent must be obtained from parents, by teachers, when any sexual discussion takes place in the classroom.
• Remove red tape for small business owners and homeowners that want to build on their own land.
• Repeal the California gas tax, and to begin drilling and refining our own petroleum again.
• It’s time to go nuclear.

It looks like Michael is clear on a few things. He is not here to negotiate with California Democrats.

A somewhat bold yet refreshing message to voters is that California doesn’t need someone to come in, play nice, compromise with the deep state, or be bought by private partnerships.

Oxoford points out in many of his social media tweets that have gone viral in recent months that California needs a leader who will come in, look long-term politicians in the assembly, the Senate, and the governor’s office dead in the eye, and say “Dark days are coming, and everyone knows it.”

The campaign comes off as straightforward. Restore sanity to the great state of California.

The primary will occur on March 5, 2024. The general election will occur on November 5, 2024.

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