January 6 Documentary: PATRIOT DAY Premiers NOW! WARNING! Viewer discretion Advised For REAL PATRIOTS Only!

A highly anticipated documentary “Patriot Day,” produced by incarcerated J6 political prisoner Jake Lang and his team at J6Truth.org premieres today on The Gateway Pundit!

Intent on obliterating the mainstream media’s false narrative that January 6th was some sort of ‘white domestic terrorist attack,’ Lang, who has been held in pretrial custody for over 1080 days, managed to create the “truly 1776 spirited film” while in solitary confinement.

The groundbreaking documentary provides a riveting first-person perspective of the January 6 Capitol protest.

While incarcerated, Lang also produced “The Truth About January 6,” a documentary that garnered the most views of any video on Rumble to date following its publication on TGP in June 2022.


Lang alongside several January 6 defendants languishing in the prison tried to save Boyland’s life while she was being trampled in the showdown between police and demonstrators. He tried lifting Boyland out of the from the ground to safety after Officer Lila Morris beat her unconscious body to no avail.

But the 28-year-old political prisoner and entrepreneur was able to save the lives of Tommy Tatum and J6 defendant Phillip Anderson, carrying them to safety from the mayhem while they were being trampled after being beaten down by police and suffocated in large doses of CS gas police doused on unarmed protesters.

Lang is currently held hostage by Biden’s Justice Department in a 6 by 8 solitary confinement cell in the basement of the Washington, DC Correctional Treatment Facility alongside J6 defendants Isaac Thomas, Ryan Samsel and Zachary Alam, who were also refused bond by federal judges and are languishing for years in pre-trial custody. While locked up, Lang founded the Blessed News Network and Sponsor J6, an organization providing legal counsel for other political prisoners. 

In a statement to TGP ahead of Patriot Day, Lang describes January 6 as “a small part of a vast spiritual warfare happening all around us”:

Darkness is invading America, and in the spur of the moment, hearts that truly fear God cannot sit idly by as evil takes hold of our Nation. I am proud of my actions on January 6th, and if necessary I would do it again to protect the land that I love from despotic tyranny.

America will not go quiet into the night. 

I understand that not everyone will understand the actions I was forced to take that day. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and on the battlefield of life, Gods soldiers are called for an immense struggle.

The documentary provides a window into my entire day at the Capitol, a perspective from those whose lives are forever changed for protesting and what it was like to be on the ground that day, standing boldly shoulder to shoulder with one million MAGA patriots.

The joyful scene of Godly song singing and prayerful patriots took an unexpected and deadly turn that day, when the Capitol Police devastated a crowd of peaceful protestors – into a furious flurry of people trying to defend their lives & their country.”

The courageous actions of many Americans who protested tyranny that day evoke the boldness of the Founding Fathers, who didn’t just believe in the words ‘Liberty or Death’ – they lived it.

You will see scenes in this documentary that may shake you to your core; and reframe your entire perspective on January 6.

The lengths that J6 patriots had to go just to defend our Constitutional Republic from the Biden communist takeover are hard to swallow, but these actions were all justified to preserve the liberty we so love in America.

Patriot Day will make you ask yourself the impossible question: What would you do if uniformed tyrants were murdering unarmed Americans in front of you? Would you stand up and stop them? Or would you run and cower?

Are We The People allowed in the People’s House to protest and stand against an election stolen by Marxist globalists?

Is resistance to tyranny duty towards God?


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By: Alicia Powe
Title: January 6 Documentary: PATRIOT DAY Premiers NOW! WARNING! Viewer discretion Advised For REAL PATRIOTS Only!
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