Massive Russian Air Raid – Industrial, Military and Infrastructure Facilities Hit in Ukraine – 122 Missiles and 24 Drones Used – Was It the Largest of the War?

The war in Ukraine is heading to its 2-year mark with the warring nations in inverted trajectories.

Kiev’s regime is lacking ammo, missiles, drones and air defense systems – and conscripting the old, the infirm and even women.

As for Russia, it’s stronger by the day, with its military industry churning out equipment like never before.

This will probably mean that this will be a hard winter for Ukrainians, with Russia making territorial gains in multiple parts of the 1,000-kilometer (620-mile) line of contact, and unstoppable air raids targeting military and infrastructure facilities.

Last night and this morning, Russian forces unleashed a MASSIVE missile and drone strike in multiple regions, in what may or may not have been the largest air raid in the whole war, depending on who you listen to – as we will see.

Associated Press reported:

“Russia launched 122 missiles and a score of drones against Ukrainian targets, officials said Friday, killing at least 20 civilians across the country in what an air force official said was the biggest aerial barrage of the war.”

Watch: air defense missile hits high rise building in Dnepro region.

The Ukrainian air force claimed to have intercepted most of the ballistic and cruise missiles and the Geranium strategic drones overnight, said Ukraine’s military chief, Valery Zaluzhny.

This is a departure from the times Ukraine claims to have downed ALL of the objects out of the sky.

Russians are probing the threshold for the Ukrainian air defense ion order to overwhelm it, which could make the next attacks even more successful.

“According to the Ukrainian air force, the previous biggest assault was in November 2022 when Russia launched 96 missiles against Ukraine. This year, the biggest was 81 missiles on March 9, air force records show.

Western officials and analysts recently warned that Russia had limited its cruise missile strikes in recent months in an apparent effort to build up stockpiles for massive strikes during the winter, hoping to break the Ukrainians’ spirit.”

Watch: Kaliber missiles launched from military ships in the Black Sea.

It was a roughly 18-hour onslaught. Zaluzhny clarified that during today’s strike industrial and military facilities were attacked.

“’Today, Russia used nearly every type of weapon in its arsenal’, [Ukrainian President] Zelensky said on social media platform X, formerly Twitter.”

Ukrainian channel Strana clarifies how today’s attack, while massive, was not the largest of the war.

“Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny stated that ‘critical infrastructure, industrial and military facilities were attacked’.

And indeed, judging by the data, this missile attack was aimed primarily at military enterprises and warehouses. Or the military using other infrastructure. At the same time, unlike last year’s massive attacks, the current attack was not concentrated on energy facilities.

[…] In terms of the number of missiles and drones, the current strike is approaching one of the most massive. But it is not the largest, contrary to what was written today in telegram channels.

The most massive attack was on October 10, 2022, when Russia fired more than 200 missiles at Ukraine. And they mainly hit energy facilities.

[…] Judging by the locations of the strike, the main targets were warehouses and military enterprises.”

Insutrial facility targeted in Kiev region.

Russian Telegram channel Intel Slava reported on the targets:

“Enemy targets hit at 9.00 Moscow time:

Lviv is a NATO mercenary base, energy and warehouses.

Khmelnitsky – airfield, airplanes, warehouses

Kyiv – factories, energy infrastructure

Kharkov – airfield, warehouses, energy infrastructure

Odessa – terminals, warehouses, ports

Nikolaev – airfield, port, fuel terminals, control headquarters

Kherson – air defense missile systems sites, warehouses, equipment, personnel and pantone equipment

Dnepropetrovsk – Yuzhmash, airfield

Kanatop (Sumskaya) – enemy air defense, equipment warehouses, energy.

Zaporozhye – enemy air defense systems, terminals, air defense and air defense systems.”

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By: Paul Serran
Title: Massive Russian Air Raid – Industrial, Military and Infrastructure Facilities Hit in Ukraine – 122 Missiles and 24 Drones Used – Was It the Largest of the War?
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Published Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2023 16:45:30 +0000

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