President Trump Launches Official New Line of Sneakers During ‘Sneaker Con’ in Philadelphia (VIDEO) …Update: Shoes Sell-Out in One Afternoon!

UPDATE: The initial batch of 1000 high-top sneakers has completely sold out.

President Donald Trump took the stage at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia this afternoon, where he unveiled a new line of sneakers, merging the realms of politics and streetwear in a bold entrepreneurial move. The exclusive sneakers, which are set to retail at $399, mark Trump’s unexpected foray into the fashion industry.

The announcement came via Trump’s Truth Social account on Friday, where he teased his appearance: “Looking forward to being at Sneakercon at the Philadelphia Convention Center, Pennsylvania, at 3 P.M. ET on Saturday. Then leaving for a Big Rally in Michigan!”

According to its website, “Sneaker Con is a global traveling event for sneakerheads of all ages. Buy, sell and trade, meet influencers, get sneakers authenticated and more!”

As promised, Trump stepped into the bustling Philadelphia Convention Center, greeted by a crowd of sneaker enthusiasts.

“You know, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I have some incredible people that work with me on things, and they came up with this, and this is something I’ve been talking about for twelve years, 13 years, and I think it’s going to be a big success,” Trump said.

“Your influencers have been very positive. They’ve been real influences, and they love it, and they love what we’ve done.”

During his speech, Trump flashed “The Never Surrender High-Tops” with a distinctive design, saying, “That’s the real deal.”

“The main body of the shoe appears in a shiny gold color, which gives it a flashy, luxurious look. On the shoe’s ankle collar, there’s an American flag design with stripes in red and silver and a field of blue with white stars, evoking a patriotic theme. The letter “T” is prominently embossed on the side of the shoe, interpreted as a monogram for Trump.

Screenshot: The Never Surrender High-Tops/GetTrumpSneakers

From the website:

Meet The Never Surrender High-Tops. Only 1000 pairs will ever be released. Each pair is numbered. A true collector’s item. The First Official Sneaker by President Trump, released at SneakerCon Philadelphia on February 17, 2024. Bold, gold, and tough, just like President Trump.

They’re for the go-getters who don’t know the word quit. With a standout gold finish and the ‘T’ badge, these kicks are for true Patriots. Wrapped with an American flag on the collar, they shout out to the brave and the free. The Never Surrender sneakers are your rally cry in shoe form. Lace-up and step out ready to conquer. With only 1000 pairs ever to be released, Grab Your Limited Edition Pair Now. The Never Surrender High Tops are estimated to ship in July 2024.

But the former President didn’t just talk fashion. He seized the opportunity to address a larger audience, particularly young people, about the importance of voting.

“We appreciate the turnout because they say they’ve never had a turnout like this. And we’re going to do things that are terrific,” Trump said, before swiftly transitioning to a call to action.

“What’s the most important thing? To go out and vote. We have to go out and vote. We got to get young people out to vote and you’re going to vote and we’re going to turn this thing around. This country is not doing so well. We’re going to turn this country around fast,” he said.


You can buy the shoes here.

Aside from the high top, Trump is also selling a different design:

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Title: President Trump Launches Official New Line of Sneakers During ‘Sneaker Con’ in Philadelphia (VIDEO) …Update: Shoes Sell-Out in One Afternoon!
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