REPORT: Maryland Abortion Clinic Owner Brags She Kills Babies Up to 8 Months, Says She’s “Worried About Where The Patients Are”

An abortion clinic owner in Maryland recently boasted her willingness to abort babies in the womb nearly up to birth while expressing worry about the “decrease in later abortion patients” in recent months.

This is something the radical left wants more of with their no-limit abortion agenda.

“It’s like trying to run a clinic on a foundation of quicksand. And we’ve got the 2024 election coming up. It’s going to be a stressful year,” said Morgan Nuzzo, co-owner of Partners in Abortion Care in College Park, Maryland.

DCist reports that “Nuzzo said that in the last few months her clinic has seen a drop-off in patients seeking later abortions, something she suspects could be due to patients not being aware or informed of other options when they can’t access abortion in other states, or because they’re unable to travel.”

Conservative author Oli London reported on X:

Abortion clinic owner brags about killing 8 month old babies at her clinic in Maryland.

Morgan Nuzzo who co-owns Partners in Abortion has bragged that her clinic performs late term abortions up to 8 months into pregnancy.

In an interview with DCIST American University Radio, the abortionist dais that she performed abortions up to 34 weeks: “Between 20 and 34 [weeks’ gestation]. And then we’ll see first-trimester patients, too. That would make a much higher number; we can see a lot more first-tri patients.”

Her clinic sees an average of 10 patients a week and Nuzzo claims she hates having to turn somebody away from her clinic.

“The very worst thing to do is turn somebody away who wants an abortion. It’s a terrible feeling to take someone’s choice from them. I’m not saying abortion is for everyone. Some people get here and they choose not to continue, and that’s wonderful. But to say, someone who wants to not be pregnant anymore, and to say, “You have no other options,” is a terrible thing to have to do to somebody.”


Nuzzo even said she was “worried” that her clinic is receiving fewer patients seeking the late-term abortions she proudly performs.

Life News reports,

Morgan Nuzzo is the co-owner of an abortion business in the state of Maryland. But the abortion center she owns doesn’t just kill babies early in pregnancy.

In a new interview, Nuzzo brags that her abortion biz kills babies up to 34 weeks. That’s nearly full-term. Not only are these abortions killing babies who are born healthy every single day in hospitals across the country, they are past viability.

“We actually saw a decrease in later abortion patients from July until very recently. We were booked out several weeks in the spring and early summer. And then there was just this dramatic drop-off. Last year some advocacy folks did some data, and they were like, [the need for later abortion is] going to increase like a hundredfold. So I’m not really sure how to reconcile that with the reality of what we were seeing. But you know, even in California and Washington and Oregon, people were saying that they were seeing less people,” she said.

“We aren’t booking out now for appointments — we have availability next week. Whereas before [the wait time] was two to three weeks on average, sometimes as much as five. We were getting a little worried about where the patients are,” Nuzzo added.

Remember this when a leftist tells you that late-term abortions are extremely uncommon and only performed to save the life of a mother.

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By: Jordan Conradson
Title: REPORT: Maryland Abortion Clinic Owner Brags She Kills Babies Up to 8 Months, Says She’s “Worried About Where The Patients Are”
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Published Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2023 02:40:20 +0000

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