Wisconsin Proposes Two Election Bills “More About Speed” Than “Security” – Testimony Claims Milwaukee Similarities to Other Late Night Ballot Dumps on Nov 3

Last Wednesday, the Wisconsin legislature’s Committee on Shared Revenue, Elections, and Consumer Protection held a hearing regarding several bills, including Senate Bill 685 and Assembly Bill 567.  These two bills would require municipalities to begin canvassing absentee ballots on the day before the election at 7am, noon, and 8pm, as well as on election day at the same times.  The bills would also eliminate central counting for municipalities that use electronic voting machines and require the canvassing be done at individual polling places.

It would also require the municipal clerk or their designee to report the total number of ballots, including absentee ballots, to the county clerk starting at the close of polls at 9pm and each subsequent hour until the canvassing is complete.  The bill also would provide whistleblower protections to municipal clerks who witness and report election fraud or irregularities.

Speed Over Security

Representative Janel Brandjten, who helped sponsor a 2022 presentation in Wisconsin revealing issues in the state’s elections, said that this bill was “more about speed…than it is necessarily about making sure we have security.”  She mentions that this process now requires the removal of the memory sticks (USB drives) and putting them back in the machines during each of these uploads mandated by the bill.  This is reminiscent of an issue discovered in Georgia and documented in a complaint before the State Election board next week, where, during early voting, USB sticks were removed from one tabulator and then inserted into another, which makes auditability very difficult, if not impossible.

Brandjten went on to rebuttal the idea that 38 states “use this process” but argued that it’s “a completely different process.”  She claimed that “in those other states, they have a deadline, 29 days before (for registration), and there is no ‘same day registration’.  There is no signature verification.  And the most important thing…is having equal amounts of Republicans and Democrats in the room, or very close.”  Brandjten said that the Republican Party in Milwaukee, a Democrat strong hold, said they were “very clearly unable to provide two full days” of poll challengers.

Lastly, according to Brandjten, “the most important thing we can do is make sure we don’t have ballot boxes.”  In 2020, ballot boxes were picked up after 8pm.  With 500-600 ballot drop boxes, Brandjten said that this is “where we saw the ballot drops” in the early morning hours.

Déjà vu: After Workers Sent Home, “Truckloads” of Ballots Brought In

Journalist Peter Bernegger, who also testified in the hearing (1:39:45), posted earlier this week to X a summary of events that took place in Milwaukee during the 2020 election.  Bernegger wrote that Claire Woodall-Vogg, the Executive Direct of Elections in Milwaukee, gave all workers a 2 1/2 hour dinner break from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.  When the workers returned, “there were only small amounts of ballots remaining to count.”  Then, according to Bernegger, Vogg forced all observers out around 10:30pm and didn’t allow them to return.  In an sworn affidavit from a retired Army Colonel and reviewed by The Gateway Pundit, Vogg then announced that “a huge truckload of ballots was going to be delivered shortly.”

And at 1:15am, the ballots came in.   “We have several eye witnesses…it was Nov 4th…where ballots can’t be brought in after midnight,” Bernegger wrote.  At 2:30am, when the workers shift ended, there were still ballots being counted.  At 3:06am, Vogg then got into a Milwaukee police vehicle to bring the memory cards to central count.  Vogg claimed she had forgotten a memory stick for tabulator seven.  Bernegger said it was actually tabulator eight and that the police officers were so “upset” with Vogg’s “acting behavior” that they both went to the FBI the next day.

Wisconsin vote totals

This sounds strikingly similar to Fulton County, at around the same timefame, when the infamous “pipe burst” story by the local media led to observers and media being told to go home, while workers remained behind to count.  It’s also reminiscent of the TCF Center in Detroit where windows were covered up, Republican observers who left weren’t allowed back inside, and FOIA’d CCTV footage caught a mysterious van dropping off over 60 boxes of ballots on two separate trips after 4 am.  And of course, the ensuing vote spikes went almost exclusively for Joe Biden, in each of those states.

Representative Janel Brandjten of Menomonee Falls testified at the hearing (starting at 1:28:24).  Below is journalist Peter Bernegger’s testimony before the committee:

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By: Brian Lupo
Title: Wisconsin Proposes Two Election Bills “More About Speed” Than “Security” – Testimony Claims Milwaukee Similarities to Other Late Night Ballot Dumps on Nov 3
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