December 14: And To All, A Good Night

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Top Story

1. Legislature Finalizes, Shapiro Signs Deal On Remaining PA Budget Issues

Joanna McClinton speaking on budget 2023-24

“After five-and-a-half months of impasse and false starts, Pennsylvania finalized a deal Wednesday to tie up most of the loose strings that have been left hanging in the commonwealth’s 2023-24 budget, implementing a deal that also features massive tax credit increases for child care expenses and private school tuition.

Legislative leaders swiftly amended and passed two bills Wednesday to feature a number of school code fixes, as well as a third bill to feature a laundry list of other fiscal language — all of it intended to allow some of the funds appropriated in this past summer’s budget deal to flow out.” (PennLive)


Private Schools, Child Care Legislation Pass In Pennsylvania As Lawmakers Move Past Budget Feud. “Lawmakers moved past a monthslong budget feud in Pennsylvania’s Capitol on Wednesday, with the House and Senate advancing legislation to tie up loose ends and send millions more to subsidize private school tuition and child care tax credits for parents.” (AP)

  • PA Lawmakers Wrap Up 2023-24 Budget And Get Money Out To Community Colleges And Libraries. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
  • Shapiro Signs Final Budget Bill After Late Night Votes In The PA Legislature. (Penn Capital-Star)


Cook Political Report Moves PA-10 From Likely to Lean Republican. “The seat, presently held by Rep. Scott Perry, comprises both Dauphin and York counties surrounding the state capitol area, an area “that’s steadily trended more white-collar suburban and less Republican” according to CPR.” (PoliticsPA)

House Approves Biden Impeachment Inquiry With Support From Western PA Republicans. “The GOP-led House of Representatives voted Wednesday to formalize an ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, with support from Western Pennsylvania Republicans.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

State House Committee Considers Reproductive Rights Constitutional Amendment For Pennsylvania. “Will the people of Pennsylvania get to vote on whether to protect abortion rights? Members of the State House Judiciary Committee heard testimony on Wednesday mostly in support of House Bill 1888, a constitutional amendment offered by state Reps. Danielle Otten and Liz Hanbidge to expand abortion rights in Pennsylvania.” (CBS Pittsburgh)



2. Is PA-17 in Play in 2024?

Chris Deluzio, Rob Mercuri

“How important is Pennsylvania?

The Keystone State’s electoral votes could very well decide the next occupant of the White House. The Commonwealth’s Senate race between Democrat Bob Casey Jr. and Republican Dave McCormick may decide the balance of power in the Senate.

And with the GOP holding a slender 221-213 (1 vacant seat) in the House, the traditional PA battlegrounds will once again play a factor in control of the lower chamber.

Typically, outsiders look to PA-01, PA-07 and PA-08 as the state’s “swing” seats. However, looking at the recent results from Allegheny County’s election for county executive and district attorney, could we add PA-17 to the mix?” (PoliticsPA)


2024 Pennsylvania House Analysis: Keystone Democrats on Defense. “Democrats swept Pennsylvania’s three most competitive House races in 2022, aided by a favorable redistricting map approved by the state Supreme Court and weak performances at the top of the ticket by Republicans Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano.” (Cook Political Report $$)

Veterans’ Assistance Program Passes U.S. House, With PA U.S. Rep. Scott Perry Voting Against. “Last week, the U.S. House voted overwhelmingly to pass legislation aimed at providing housing for military veterans. All of Pennsylvania’s House delegation, including three veterans, voted in favor of the Housing our Military Veterans Effectively Act of 2023, with one exception: U.S. Rep. Scott Perry.” (Penn Capital-Star)

Alan Butkovitz Drops Out of State Treasurer Contest. “Butkovitz, who most recently served as Philadelphia city controller, cited his late-November heart attack as the reason for departing the contest.” (PoliticsPA)

Resolution Calling 2023 The ‘Taylor Swift Era’ Squeaks Through PA House. “Taylor Swift may have captured the hearts of fans all around the globe but a resolution honoring Pennsylvania’s famed native daughter barely won enough votes to pass the state House.” (PennLive)


Around The Commonwealth

3. PA Lawmakers Defeat Funding For Penn Amid Criticism Over School’s Stance On Antisemitism

Penn Vet | What to Expect

“Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives on Wednesday night defeated legislation to send more than $33 million to the University of Pennsylvania’s veterinary school after the university’s president resigned amid criticism that the school has tolerated antisemitism.

The legislation won a majority in two different votes, but it failed to reach the two-thirds majority required by the state Constitution.” (AP)


A New Playbook for College Donors: Power Politics. “Donations to U.S. universities reached $59.5 billion last year, and they come increasingly from a smaller group of wealthy donors. Many of them expect their money to buy a voice in university affairs.” (New York Times)

  • Here’s What Philly Leaders Have To Say About Liz Magill’s Resignation And Penn’s Future. (Philadelphia Inquirer)


Senate Passes Bill Mandating Armed School Security Officers In PA Schools. “The state Senate approved a bill Wednesday requiring public school districts to have at least one full-time armed security officer on duty during school hours to enhance protection of students and staff.” (PennLive)

Brenton Davis Wants To Eliminate Human Relations Commission, Library Staff. Is It Legal? “Members of Erie County Council are taking a stand against a slew of fiscal 2024 budget cuts sought by Erie County Executive Brenton Davis, insisting the cuts would not only hamper vital services but are outright illegal.” (Erie Times-News)

PA University Takes Big Step Toward Opening State-Owned System’s First Medical School. “Indiana University of Pennsylvania recently hired a dean for a proposed medical school that would be a first among Pennsylvania’s 10 state-owned universities.” (PennLive)

Delco Judge Rejects County’s Claim Of ‘Unfettered Discretion’ Over Minority Party Election Board Members. “A Delaware County judge ruled Wednesday the county council overstepped its authority earlier this year when it passed an ordinance allowing the council to reject Republican nominees to the county’s bipartisan election board.” (Broad + Liberty)



4. What They’re Saying

  • Despite Magill’s Departure, Penn Must Stay The Course On Free Speech Issues. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • What Happened To Scranton’s Paper Shows The News Has Further To Fall. (Erik Wemple)
  • RGGI Will Supercharge PA’s Economy, Especially For Small Businesses. (Jeaneen Zappa and Devi Ramkissoon)
  • Given Our Legislature, Maybe PA Needs Direct Democracy. (John Baer)
  • We Can End A Plague Killing Miners, But U.S. Rep. Scott Perry Is Blocking The Way. (Cecil Edward Roberts Jr.)
  • Don’t Create More Safe Spaces on Campus. (Evan Mandery)
  • Addressing Discrimination In Pennsylvania Scholarship Program Is Necessary. (Tribune-Review)


1 Thing

5. This New Doritos Liquor Is More Than Just a Cheesy Gimmick

Doritos Liquor Is Actually Real! Would You Try It?

“Nacho Cheese Doritos have been a staple of the snack food aisle for nearly half a century. Now, they’re headed to the liquor shelf.

In a most unconventional crossover, the iconic tortilla chip brand has partnered with Empirical Spirits to release an 84-proof clear liquor that actually smells and tastes like the real thing, minus the signature crunch — thankfully. Which is to say, it’s unlike any alcohol you’ve ever smelled or tasted before. And we don’t mean that in a bad way.” (Food and Wine)


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